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The Environment
By making one small change, you can change the world. Yes, it's that simple! We need to live more sustainably to protect future generations. Let's do some maths - the average women on a monthly cycle uses 15 pads per cycle. Each pack of pads is made up to the equivalent of 4 plastic bags. Each pad can take up to 800, yes 800 years to decompose! That's a lot of plastic!

Mayor of London - " Conventional disposable menstrual products made from 90% plastic – along with their packaging generate 200,000 tonnes of waste per year." So, by switching to reusable pads you (one person) can have a huge positive impact. 

So much better for you 
Did you know that many disposable pads actually contain a lot of chemicals? Disposable pads can contain dioxins, synthetic fibres, petrochemical additives and various plastic components and webbing. Plasticising chemicals such as BPA and BPS are used, as well as phthalates, odour neutralisers and fragrances. All of these are potentially hazardous. Our vaginal skin tissue is actually naturally very absorbent, one of the most absorbent in your whole body. You wouldn't eat harmful chemicals, so why accept them in your pads.

Our pads are only made using the highest quality materials, they are completely chemical free. And they are much more comfortable than disposable pads.  They are super absorbent, which means you will feel super dry - most of our users report they don't need to change the pads as often.

Save money!
Imagine not having to purchase pads for years to come. Never being caught out when mother nature decides this month - she would like to visit a few days earlier!  A KIKI & GREEN pack will cost you approximately the same as 3-4 disposable cycles - so after that you really are saving. Our pads are made to last for years.  

Our pads are made using very high quality super (we mean SUPER) absorbent inner layers. We also have premium bamboo charcoal on the wings of the pad to catch any possible over flow. Our cloth pads are very absorbent and are designed to contain effectively outflow. We do recommend changing to suit your needs to reduce the chance of leaks, recommended changing time between 3-5hours - but this really does depend on your individual flow.

Please avoid fabric softener on your pads, as this can create a build-up in the fabric and reduce absorbency. 

Taking care of your pads is super easy once you know how..

Before use
Prewash all pads on cold wash with detergent. This helps to activate the absorbent fibres.

After use 
Rinse pads in cold water, (until water runs clear), or leave them to soak overnight to prevent staining. Throw them in with the rest of your wash and normal detergent - up to 40 degrees, (or hand wash as you go).

After washing
Stretch pads back into shape if required, and air dry wherever you like with our handy drying straps provided. Do not apply direct heat as this may cause shrinkage. 

Pro Tips
Don't use fabric softener, hot water or bleach as this will affect the absorbent technology. We recommend washing on a longer wash cycle with maximum spin speed of 1000rmp, to ensure you get the most of your pads in the long run. Wear them with well-fitting underwear, to really keep them in place. Especially if you are active! 

Our pads should not stain. A quick cold water rinse by hand will do the trick. We don’t recommend using hot water as this will set the blood and cause staining!

Any questions about washing your pads, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Our pads attach the same way that a disposable does. You simply put them into your underwear and attach the popper wings on the underside making for a secure fit and then you’re good to go.

With every set you will find a handy travel bag. Each bag has 2 compartments - one for storing used pads, one for storing clean pads. Once used, simply clip the used pad closed, and pop it in one of the compartments. The wet bags are super cute, and discreet. 

Yes! Nurture your body through this phase with our chemical free pads. Soft against your skin, easy to wash, budget and environmentally friendly. Our heavy range pads are prefect post partum, and they make a great gift for a mumma to be. 

Wear them with well-fitting underwear. We even size down our pants or wear high-lycra tight fitting pants, with a wider gusset.

Wear them with pants like these, and you will forget you are even wearing a pad!

As long as you change pads when required, and wash as we recommend - then there should not be issues odour. In fact the top of our pads is made with a anti-microbial bamboo charcoal layer.

Our reusable pads are made using a series of layers which will keep you feeling dry and leak free the whole day.

-Top wicking layer to keep you dry with antimicrobial bamboo charcoal. Which is also an odour controlling agent to keep you feeling fresh.

-Inner layers include a highly absorbent microfibre layer, which absorbs all moisture super fast.

-Additionally there is a waterproof layer inside the pad to prevent leaking.

All materials are manufactured without harmful chemicals or finishes. We use natural fibres wherever possible.

Question not answered?

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