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By Rupal Panchal

Demystifying Period Poops

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In this weeks KIKI Diaries it's all about period poop. Ever found yourself wondering what is actually going on with all the unexpected bathroom surprises during your period? We're here to unravel the mystery that is "period poops.” 

Periods come with their own set of surprises, and one of the lesser-known stars of the show is the world of period poops. Whether it's a tango between constipation and diarrhoea or a change in stool routine, we're here to decode and make you feel a little more in sync with your cycle.

The Cast of Characters

What triggers this unique bathroom ballet? Hormones take centre stage, with progesterone leading the charge. This hormonal can slow down your intestines, causing constipation. If you've been experiencing some cravings, that might lead to alterations in the smell and consistency of your stool. 

Steps to a Happy Bowel Routine

So, how can we poop better on your period? Load up on fibre-rich foods like mashed sweet potatoes and avocados, stay hydrated, and some light walking will work wonders.

When to Cue the Spotlight on Health

While a bit of bathroom ballet is considered normal, if you ever feel like your digestive system is performing a solo act that needs attention, it's time to chat with your healthcare provider. Persistent discomfort, extreme pain, or unusual symptoms could be signals that need a closer look.

So, if you’ve ever felt a bit alone with the period poop situation, you are definitely not alone. Our pro tip: week before your period, really try and get in those anti-inflammatory and high fibre foods in. Works wonders at balancing your hormones before your period arrives. 


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